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Yeast infection in children

So you think that yeast infection is only a prerogative of the adults? Not really! Yeast infection can occur in infants and children too. Though, the causes and symptoms of yeast infection in children vary from adults. Let us understand the causes of yeast infection in children and how you can treat the same.

One of the most common causes of yeast infection in children is inadequate diet. Kids are extremely fond of sugars and are constantly feeding on chocolates, candies, pastries and the like. It must be noted that these sugars promote yeast and hence cause yeast infection. Oral thrush, one of the most common forms of yeast infection is caused as a result of high amount of sugars in the diet.

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Children love to play with water. You will always find them playing in water or standing in clogged water. They wet their clothes and keep them on for a long while. Since yeast breeds in moist areas this results in yeast infection. Wearing wet clothes for too long can cause skin rash, which is also a form of yeast infection.

The kind of clothing that your child wears can also be an important cause of yeast infection. If you make your child wear too tight clothing that does not allow him or her to breathe, he might as well end up being a victim of yeast infection. Make sure that you do not make your kid wear too tight fitted clothing.

Avoiding these causes of yeast infection is one of the most important things that you can do to treat yeast infection in your young one. Along with avoiding these causes, you also need to look for an appropriate yeast infection cure. OTC products are not advised for kids as there is always a risk.

Even the Yeastrol Yeast Infection Treatment, which is otherwise a safe product, asks for consultation of the doctor before using the product for kids. However, Yeastrol product reviews that the product can be used for children aged 12 and above.

The best way to treat yeast infection in children is to consult a doctor who can suggest an appropriate treatment.


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